Working Papers

Reporting Frequency and Market Monitoring in Reward Crowdfunding Markets

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Are All Readers on the Same Page? Predicting Variation in Information Retrieval from Financial Narratives

The Prevalence and Validity of EBITDA as a Performance Measure

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Can Centralization Improve the Use of Soft Information? Evidence from a Field Study and Lab Experiment

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Current courses at the University of Washington

  • ACCTG 579B - Python Programming (PhD level - 2020)
  • ACCTG 320 - Accounting Systems & Analytics (Undergraduate level - 2021)
  • ACCTG 219 - Essentials of Accounting - (Undergraduate level - 2020 / 2021)

Courses taught at Tilburg University

  • Financial Accounting 1
  • Stata tutorials, Master Accounting
  • Research Financial Accounting (RFA), PhD course - NLP Guest lecture

External courses by invitation

Limperg Python course held virtually (2020, 5 days, PhD students)

Limperg Python course held at Tilburg University (2019, 5 days, PhD students)

Python camp at the University of Washington (2018, 6 afternoons, PhD + Faculty)

Python workshop at the University of Bristol (2018, 3 days, PhD + Faculty)